What song is playing on your computer and how did you find it?  These days it is less likely that a listener will pop in a CD into their ROM drive in order to listen to a specific song or album.  In fact many enjoy listening to something outside of their own personal collection of music.  But how do you search for something new when by definition new implies a level of unknown.  While terrestrial radio has streamed online since the 90’s, a new breed of “radio”, for lack of a better word, has emerged.  This new breed of services entails an emphasis on discovery and recommendation.  The job of DJ is, in a sense, a collaboration between the user and the website’s algorithms, allowing for guided direction yet novel experience at the same time.  There are many internet radio services out there today on the world wide web.  Although similar, these websites do not all work the same and result in different listening experiences.  Our site serves as a guide to the varied “stations” and will help you learn which one will best suit your needs.



Once a listener has a good stream of music playing they will undoubtedly want to know what it is they are listening to and learn more about that artist.  One way is to go to the computer, open the browser tab in which a song is play ind note the song information displayed.  The music services do a good job in disseminating the information, they give detailed information about artist, title, album and year.  This is obviously the common sense approach when sitting at your computer.  But our site focuses on ways to identify song information even when you are not at your computer.  There are service now that allow you to discover music without even having to go to your computer.  Shazam is a tool for smartphones which allows the user to hold their phone in the air, which will listen to the song.  Within a few seconds the phone will check a database online and return the results of who the artist is and of what song is playing.

Bar Sound Systems

Music is an important part of most everyone’s life.  Never is it more important than when taking a night out on the town.  Whether its at bars, taverns, or nightclubs, the proprietors put a lot of attention into the musical experience, spending a significant amount of money on speakers, receivers  and other components of a quality sound system.  When patrons hear the songs they are going to want to know more about the music.